Passive House 30 Years - Who we are and What we do

Can you believe that? It’s all started from the first experiment!
”Of course, I’m happy about this development: seeing the progress from the first experimental residential building to the projects and districts worldwide designed to the Passive House standard“ Passiv House founder, Dr. Wolfgang Feist refers in a Passive House interview.   

Today’s achievement of Passive House will firstly be thanks to Dr. Wolfgang Feist, who has put the Passive House theory into action and made the first experimental building come true.During the 30 years, he and the team have been dedicated in sharing the Passive House knowledge, from the first experimental building to the largest Passive House projects, swimming pool, tall building, factory etc. Until today, Dr. Wolfgang Feist is still dedicated to solving global climate changes and demonstrates how everyone can make energy efficient.You can find the whole Dr. Wolfgang Fest interview HERE

Passive House Institute is celebrating 25 years old this year as well! We’re very glad that we have our global partners who truly believe in Passive House standard and see how they share the Passive House knowledge everyday. From the beginning, we published the first Passive House Chinese book,cooperated on several projects in Asia, hosted an international conference in China and participated in diverse conferences in Japan, Korea, Thailand, China, India, Vietnam, etc. We feel honoured that You are one of us!
Today, we will like to share again the video : Who is Passive House Institute? What is a Passive House?
Share the video together with us to you friend, and let them know that how we make the earth betther!