Benefits of component certification

The Passive House Standard is characterised by very high energy savings compared with conventional new builds. This is achieved by means of highly efficient building systems, careful planning and highly efficienct components. As a rule, these components are two to three times more efficient than the corresponding commonly used products. This high level of efficiency is critical to achieving the Passive House Standard. 

However, for the designer it is often very difficult to assess the energy-efficiency, durability and the necessary energy parameters of a component as the 

available standard parameters are frequently unrealistic or are not accurate enough; reliable project planning using manufacturers’ information alone is often not possible.

As an independent authority, the Passive House Institute tests and certifies products in respect of their suitability for use in Passive Houses. Products that carry the Certified Passive House Component seal have been tested according to uniform criteria; they are comparable in terms of their specific values, and are of excellent quality regarding energy efficiency. Their use facilitates the designer’s task and contributes significantly to ensuring the faultless functioning of the resultant Passive House.

We offer:

  • Consultations for thermal optimisation of products and planning details right from the start
  • Certification of Passive House suitable  components and detail solutions


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