Passive House 30 Years - Who we are and What we do

Can you believe that? It’s all started from the first experiment!
”Of course, I’m happy about this development: seeing the progress from the first experimental residential building to the projects and districts worldwide designed to the Passive House standard“ Passiv House founder, Dr. Wolfgang Feist refers in a Passive House interview.   


2021 Earth Day- Efficient: The first renewable energy


Passive House Award

Happy Lunar New Year

5th Shandong International Exhibition on Green Industry in China


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2020 November 6-8: International Passive House Open Days

International Passive House Open Days: Online and interactive!

After the success of the first digital International Passive House Open Days in June, and due to the continuing COVID19 restrictions around the world, we have decided to make the November International Passive House Open Days from November 6-8 a digital event as well. We are looking to put on live events over the International Passive House Open Days weekend including:

- Live tours 
- Panel discussions and Q+A sessions with professionals 
- Info sessions focussing on specific aspects of a building
- Any other ideas you may have!

24th International Passive House Conference

2020 Building the future -Substainably
A new first for the In­ter­na­tion­al Pass­ive House Con­fer­en­ce!
The 24th Interantional Passive House Conference online programm;
Visit 24 Interantional Passive House Conferene Webiste to explore the Passive House with us!

Online Passive House Exhibition 09.17-10.08.2020

The 24 International Passive House Exhibition will take place, the first year as an Online Exhibition and will start from September 17th, 2020.The exhibition will be free all the participant! 
Let's explore the diversity of Passive House, click Here to visit 24th International Passive House Exhibition! 

2020 被动房研究所成功认证第1000位组件认证

美国Rangate为第1000位被动房研究所建筑节能认证组件厂商。图左为Gregory Godbout 和图右Chris Chan @Rangate
到今天,我们成功认证第1000位高品质的建筑节能组件! 我们很荣幸和您分享这喜悦: 


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