27th International Passive House conference

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New year

Acting on climate change - International Passive House Open Day

25th International Passive House Conference - Successful & Inspiring

The 25th International Passive House Conference was broadcasted live from Wuppertal, Germany on September 10-12th, 2021. On September 14-15 was Online Conference, there were more than 60 sessions, hundreds of professional speakers, consultants, architects, scholars, exhibitors from all over the world participate in the annual events! 

Passive House 30 Years - Who we are and What we do

Can you believe that? It’s all started from the first experiment!
”Of course, I’m happy about this development: seeing the progress from the first experimental residential building to the projects and districts worldwide designed to the Passive House standard“ Passiv House founder, Dr. Wolfgang Feist refers in a Passive House interview.   


2021 Earth Day- Efficient: The first renewable energy


Passive House Award

Happy Lunar New Year

5th Shandong International Exhibition on Green Industry in China



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