Thermal optimisation of building products

The Passive House Institute provides consultancy on the thermal optimisation of building products from the very beginning of the process through to pontetial Passive House Component Certification.

In addition to other tools, we make use of two and three dimensional as well as dynamic thermal flow analyses.

Example 1: Insulated window frame

Frame profile Timber exterior insulation finishing system (EIFS) insulated PVC profile
Frame U-Value Uf [W/(m²K)] 0.62 0.69
Elevation width [mm] 131 120
Edge bond ψg [W/(mK)] 0.031 0.029
Glas rebate d [mm] 26 30
Glazing (44 mm) Ug [W/(m²K)] 0.70 0.70


Example 2: External wall connection to unheated cellar ceiling

U-Value (External wall) = 0.12 W/(m²K)
U-Value (Cellar ceiling) = 0.12 W/(m²K)

Thermal bridge coefficient:
ψa = -0.054 W/(mK)