2020 November 6-8: International Passive House Open Days

International Passive House Open Days: Online and interactive!

After the success of the first digital International Passive House Open Days in June, and due to the continuing COVID19 restrictions around the world, we have decided to make the November International Passive House Open Days from November 6-8 a digital event as well. We are looking to put on live events over the International Passive House Open Days weekend including:

- Live tours 
- Panel discussions and Q+A sessions with professionals 
- Info sessions focussing on specific aspects of a building
- Any other ideas you may have!


  • Video files: please send in .mp4 files only

  • Please insert a title screen with the Headline "International Passive House Open Days"

  • Length: We recommend videos be around 5 minutes long

  • Submission: Please upload your final videos to (insert Nextcloud link)

  • Release: Please be aware that we will publish your videos publically (on Youtube) to maximise exposure to the Passive House standard.

  • Please upload your video on the cloud and send in your submissions to info@passivehouse-international.org