2020 International Passive House Open Day

2020 International Passive House Open Day is hosted during 2020.June 26-28 ! |
Let's start a World Passive House Tour! 
International Passive House World map:  https://service.passivehouse.com/en/ph_days/map

2020 International Passive House Open Day _Project in China:

1. 高碑店列车新城项目 Gaobeidian Railway City Residential Project :
2. 中原地区五方科技馆  Fivewin Science and Technology Museum
3. 北京88被动式幼儿园 Yizhuang x88 Kindergarten in Beijing
4. 青岛中德生态园被动房 Sino-Germany Ecopark Technical Center and Residential Settelment 
5. 青岛 弗莱•德建公元 Frey Passive House Residential Settelment in Eco-Park
6. 森鹰被动窗户工厂 Sayyas Passive House Window Factory
7. 宏连众被动式低能耗员工宿舍楼 Honglianzhong light steel structure housing
8. 天津生态城 被动房项目 Tianjin EcoCity Passive House Apartments
9. 海德堡列车新城项目 Bahnstadt Heidelberg Passive House Settlement
10. 岙呢院子 AONI DE HAUS

11. 河北金华幕墙有限公司  ZhuoZhou Xinhua Administration Building

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Enjoy the International Passive House Open Day!