China International Windoor City and training for PH window in Beijing

On 09/20/2015, Esther Gollwitzer from Passive House Institute (PHI, Darmstadt) was invited to "the 3rd China Gaobeidian international Doors & Windows Expo 2015" and gave a key speech at this conference. Ms. Gollwitzer presented the development of of passive house and especially what is a qualified passive house window for passive house in order to reduce the heat loses of building as much as possible and to fulfill the international requirements on comfort, and the study on passive houses for different climate zones.


In Beijing Ms. Gollwitzer presented on 09/22/15 training "Passive House window for experts". The interest for this short training organized was very large. Within two weeks, there were almost 40 entries from all areas of the window industry. Focus of training were in principle for the design of thermally high-quality window frames and the importance of windows and window installation for the energy balance of a building. Many questions from the participants regarding window certification by the Passive House Institute could be clarified on site with interpreters and drawings. Thanks to CPHN for the organization around the training.